Welcome To Dots 2 Order



Does this sound familiar?

* You want to play a piece, you maybe have a recording of it, but you can't find the sheet music for it anywhere? 

* Or perhaps you have the sheet music, but it's not how you would like it - wrong key, too tricky, too simple, wrong format or instrumentation?

* Or you've composed a piece, and you'd like it professionally typeset?

Then you're in the right place!

Dots 2 Order is just that - a service to provide you with professionally typeset sheet music just the way you like it!  Provide us with either a title, an mp3, or a scan of the music you want, choose your key, format, level of complexity and instrumention, then sit back and relax until your arrangement arrives by email as a high quality PDF for you to print and enjoy. Please bear in mind, we are a small team of arrangers so, at busy periods, it may take a little time to complete your arrangement.

Music arranged just for you,
just the way you like it!