The relaunch of Dots 2 Order - online!

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PostmanIt's great to be relaunching Dots 2 Order in this online version. When we first set up the service, everything was carried out by post. We were flabbergasted at how quickly it took off, and soon the postman was staggering to our studio with CDs, manuscripts and tapes to be transcribed, then staggering away from the post box in the evening with his sack full of our completed scores. How much easier to do everything on the internet!

There are many ways to use Dots 2 Order; maybe you have a piece of music and you'd like chord symbols added to it; or you're a singer and you want a song moved into 'your' key; or you've heard something fabulous but can't find a copy of it; or even that you've written something and you'd like to have it professionally typeset. The reasons for using us are many and varied, but one thing stays the same: we're delighted to help!

We've got to know many wonderful pieces through arranging them for our customers over the years. And when we receive a thank you note for 'unlocking' a favourite tune, it makes it all so very worthwhile. So enjoy our new 21st century version, and we hope we can share lots of beautiful music arranged just for you,  just the way you like it!