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We believe you'll enjoy the musical arrangements we can make for you. But how can you be sure? Well, one way is to have an entire piece which we've arranged, in your chosen format, absolutely free.

So click on your favourite format - top line and chord symbols, piano-style 2 stave or organ-style 3 stave -  and you will find a copy of the glorious  "Panis Angelicus" by César Franck  springs up on your screen in that format as a PDF. Then just print it and enjoy it, with our best wishes.

Like to hear what it sounds like? Then click on the You Tube video below.

Oh, and if you don't have a programme for opening PDF files, may we suggest Adobe Reader which you can get free by clicking here.

Click here your free copy of Panis Angelicus with top line and chord symbols

Click here for your copy of Panis Angelicus in piano-style 2 stave

Click here for your copy of Panis Angelicus organ-style 3 stave

 Music arranged just for you, just the way you like it!