We're sure you would like to know how our scores look when they are delivered to you, so here are some samples of work carried out over the years. Each one included transcription from audio or (in the case of the third one) manuscript, and typesetting. If you click on each one, it will open as a PDF for you to examine more closely, and try printing if you wish (you will need a programme such as Adobe Reader to do this - available from here if you don't already have it). We believe you will be pleased with the quality, but remember you can always make special requests, such as 'hand-written' type faces, larger notes and so on.

Here is a sample of top line and chords  - a simplified arrangement of a well-loved classic with lyrics.

 Panis Angelicus sample

Two stave music is illustrated by this hymn setting.

 The Airmens Hymn

And here is an example of a 3-stave organ piece:

At the dance sample